Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We have a blog!

I am super excited to be posting our very first blog post! I apologize if you are reading this and thinking about how lame it is, it is a work in progress!

A shared blog between us sisters has been a dream in the works for a while now. As the first born twin (Robyn), I am usually the first to try anything so naturally when I discovered the magical land of blogs I instantly became addicted and as you will see, so did baby sis Tanya :) We decided to create this blog to document our adventures living under one roof after over 4 years of separation. Yep, you read that right. We (as both married adult women) are moving in together! The hubby's are invited of course. It is going to be non stop crazy in the mitten, but as a cool weather person I am SO ready to be out of the heat of the South and back north. Midwestern/Yankee all the way :) GO Tigers, GO Broncos, GO State!

As we prepare and embark on this new and crazy journey we invite you to share in our adventures! We love everything diy, baking, mexican food, our families, God and our animals! We hope you stop by once in awhile to see what's goin on in our lives.We also hope that our crazy ideas and zest for life will inspire you to create, learn and love!

More posts to come about our move north, preparing the 4 bedroom ranch and unfinished MI basement (where we will be living) for our arrival and all of our future project ideas for our "home."


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