Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello again!

Hey there!

I must be getting ambitious, two posts in one week is quite unusual. Never fear, this will be a short one! Here are some before and after photos of the yard transformation for the fall. I was super excited to score 4 hosta plants for $3.98 at the Home Depot. It was an awesome score, which is exactly why I love end and beginning season sales! I never pay full price for Christmas or holiday decor when it goes on super sale after and before the season :) I also planted some mums in two colors. If we take good care of the baby plants they will come back for years to come. In the spring we will just need to clean up the flower bed, plant some annual blooms and re-mulch. Low maintenance is how I like my yard work.

Enjoy and Happy Autumn!


After. How pretty right? The right corner is a little bare, we are planning on adding some kind of bush or arbor vitae in the spring. For now it will stay this way. Also on the right is was a large hosta similar to the one on the left, it is just healing and very small (fyi).      
 Everyone helped out a little, even the hubster dug some holes for me! Elijah really enjoyed helping water the plants and digging in the dirt.

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