Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome Fall!!

So, I know I have been going on and on about fall for the last couple weeks... but today was the official first day of fall! As sister's we have been slacking on posting new things, that is what happens when you get busy in the Autumn.

Here's the scoop on what we have been up to!

Tanya and her family are preparing for a new addition! This baby was a surprise and the surprises keep coming. Tanya will post more about this later. Nursery prep has begun and we are very excited. Tan's hubby and I are scheming together to make this nursery adorable AND affordable (sounds like a good slogan for a dream job company eh?). We will so be blogging about the nursery very soon, we promise :)

The hubster and I have been getting settled in and I am still waiting to get my RN license from the MI State Board of Nursing. In the meantime I am enjoying the blessings of fall and being near family! We have not made much progress in the room but the general transformation has been amazing! We will keep y'all updated and post a final picture when all my "pretties" are up. For now here is a before and after picture of the room.


After! See the difference? Carpet, new paint and freshly painted trim, ceiling tiles! Yay. It is actually quite cozy.

We have also been working in the yard and getting the house ready for fall! It is very fall-y here at the house now. Pics of the yard will also be coming soon!

Here are a few shots of the hubster and Little E playing. Uncle was teaching him how to throw a frisbee and it was adorbs.

And this is why we moved back. This one image says it all and makes me feel all mushy inside :)

All three of my favorite boys :)



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