Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hello! It has been such a busy month! So busy, in fact, that my dear sweet hard-working sister has so *kindly* mentioned that I have not yet posted to our adorable awesome blog! Well here goes the first attempt! We have so much to share!

 As September comes to a close, we are all exhausted from work, school, projects, and taking care of our two favorite little guys, Harry Dog and my little Elijah. We have been so busy transforming the spare room into a nursery!

Our plans for gorgeous gender specific nursery themes were foiled when Baby French decided to be stubborn at our big 20 week ultrasound. All looked perfect and I am so blessed to have a beautiful healthy baby. I have embraced the gender surprise after a great deal of disappointment. It will just be a bigger adventure. It does make planning a bit harder however.

 Now that the gender is going to be a surprise, we had to start back at square one. Good thing Auntie Robyn is so fantastic at anything involving design! I wouldn't have known where to begin! Robyn will be sharing a fantastic inspiration board chronicling what we have been envisioning for this little one's new space very soon and we will be posting updates as we put together the fabulous room. Of course we have some DIY projects in the works and will be posting about those as well. Fabulous and chic baby nurseries do not have to cost a fortune!!!

Here is our beautiful little one!

I was hoping to be able to schedule a gender reveal photo shoot with fantastic Aaron Reed Photography but since the baby's gender is a mystery we are going to settle with just our gorgeous bump announcements! Here is the link to his Facebook photo page where are pictures are displayed. I just love them!! I can't wait to schedule some maternity shots this winter and a family session once Baby # 2 makes their grand entrance!

I think I will tease you with some basic details about the nursery plans. We chose to paint the room grey (YES! Grey!). I know it sounds crazy but it is actually a trend in baby nursery design and a color that goes with basically anything. The hubby and Auntie picked a soft, cozy shade and it looks amazing on the wall! Paired with crisp, clean white trim, it will be looking like a baby room in no time. We have white furniture and many other sweet details to tie it all together. I am so excited! I am not sure what I would have done without everyone's help!

Here are a few "before" shots. The room was a butter yellow (which I hated as soon as we painted it years ago). We had to prime it so that the yellow did not show through our grey paint causing it to look purple. That would not have been good if we have another little boy! Elijah loves to paint so we set him up with a little paint area so that he could "help". It is looking so great!

Kyle has begun building the furniture and we are finalizing bedding options. I can't wait to see it all come together. I am sure after all my venting you can't wait either. :P

We are also experimenting with some yummy fall recipes we will share shortly. Thank goodness my appetite returned and the ALL DAY sickness finally subsided around 16 weeks. Now I can actually enjoy all the flavors of my favorite season as the leaves blaze into color and the air cools enough for scarves and sweaters!

Happy Fall!


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